Our residential steel truss is lightweight and built to any design using high-end software and equipment. Our residential steel trusses are manufactured at our Adelaide facility using high quality Australian steel. We deliver to all areas of Adelaide.

Residential steel trusses offer many advantages for both builders and customers. They are lightweight, making them easy to handle in the field, but they are stiff, allowing for longer spans with less material. The use of steel roof trusses enhances the fire protection of the roof area as combustible material in the roof cavity is significantly reduce. Residential steel trusses can be manufacture to accommodate a variety of roofing materials, providing flexibility in building design. Since steel truss is a recyclable material, it offers both environmental and cost benefits.

We can also provide steel wall frames and steel floor systems.

Prefabricating residential steel trusses in our factory can significantly reduce construction time on site. Australian Steel Framing uses only T grade steel and also comes with a 50 year warranty.

residential steel truss

Trusses are the most economical construction method for all types of roofs. A truss can be thought of as a beam. We manufacture ordinary trusses that are most commonly use in roof structures. Lattice trusses reduce construction time as only the surrounding walls need to be designed as bearing walls. The most beneficial part of trusses is reducing the amount of work on site and the impact of wet weather on construction programs. In half-timbered roof structures, only the outer walls are load-bearing, which makes the floor structure design simple and inexpensive. Our trusses are use to create gable roofs, hip roofs and Dutch hip roofs.


Steel roof trusses offer many benefits for both builders and residents. If you are looking for reasons to choose steel for your next roof truss project, consider the following:

    • Non-combustible – Steel’s 100% non-combustible properties significantly reduce the amount of combustible material in your roof, greatly increasing the safety of any structure.


    • LIGHTWEIGHT – Metal’s lightweight formula makes transportation and installation a dream. About half the weight of wood, the steel truss lifted and installed with one hand.


    • Rigidity – Despite its light weight, steel offers amazing stiffness, increasing span and reducing the need for roof mass.


    • Flexibility – We manufacture every truss to your design requirements, offering perfect precision and design freedom to achieve your dream structure.

Why Choose OG Steel Frame

As a leading provider of steel framing solutions in Adelaide, projects always start with the most durable and precise foundation possible. Choosing OG Steel Frame gives you the following benefits:

    • It gives you the freedom to design without limits without fear of pushing the boundaries of traditional construction.

    • With our bespoke products that are pre-engineered and ready to install, you benefit from reduced field tradesmen and faster installation times.

    • Our team of quality steel manufacturers have extensive experience in all aspects of the building and construction industry. We stand by to ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget.